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    Cerebellar degeneration is really a disease that could have an impact on anybody, no matter what age group or sex. Individuals will gradually drop the cabability to shift when struggling with this disease. So how to recognize cerebellar degenerative disease?

    Reasons behind cerebellar degeneration

    Mainly genetic factors, genes can be dominant or recessive, but the patient is not initially aware of the existence of that gene source, unless the disease begins to manifest itself.

    Moreover, some illnesses for example cerebellar hemorrhage, cerebellar tumour, cerebrovascular automobile accident… that create harm with this brain area are the reason for this disease.

    The best way to acknowledge degenerative cerebellar disease?

    Loss in balance inwalking and standing, jogging.

    Reduction in coordination of body activities, or errors in actions, specially steps that need dexterity and meticulousness such as composing, attracting.

    Eye movements and speech are tremendously damaged.

    These symptoms are incredibly slow, produce slowly and gradually, so at the beginning the sufferer does not know that they have the disease. In a few years, the symptoms will become far more apparent, and ultimately, the individual will not be able to speak, are unable to go walking with difficulties of brain atrophy and pass away in healthcare facility bed furniture.

    For advice on treatments for degenerative cerebellar disease, remember to contact Tue Khang Duong for tips on treatment options, decreasing the development of the disease.

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