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    The question about PPKM Batam until what date also arises following the central government’s decision. Known to replace the term emergency PPKM, the government implemented PPKM levels 3 and 4.
    Based on the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 23 of 2021, the extension of the micro-based PPKM will be carried out by optimizing the Handling Command Post (Posko)
    Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) at the RT/RW level

    Mayor Muhammad Rudi raised his voice about the implementation of micro-based PPKM level 4 in Batam. It was decided that PPKM would be extended.

    “We will continue the implementation of PPKM level 4 until July 25, 2021,” said Mayor Muhammad Rudi in Batam, as reported by Antara, Thursday (22/7/2021).

    In addition to the Ministry of Home Affairs, a Mayor’s Circular was also issued on Wednesday (21/7). In this regulation, PPKM will be carried out up to the RT-RW level cara untung main togel .

    “Micro-based PPKM at level 4 is implemented up to the RT and RW levels,” reads the SE Mayor.

    Complete Contents of SE Mayor of Batam
    After knowing PPKM Batam until what date, there are a number of rules also contained in the Mayor’s SE, namely:

    1. Teaching and learning activities are carried out online, as well as non-essential activities, 100% working from home is enforced.

    2. Essential activities of finance and banking can still operate a maximum of 50 percent for public services and 25 percent for office administration.

    3. The essential activities of the capital market, information and communication technology, as well as non-quarantine handling hotels can operate a maximum of 50 percent of the staff.

    4. The essential activities of the export-oriented industry can operate at a maximum of 50 percent in production facilities, and 10 percent for the arrangement of office administration.

    5. Essential activities of the government sector that provide public services that are not delayed in implementation, then the maximum 25 percent of working from the office with strict health protocols is applied.

    6. Critical activities, such as in the fields of health and security and public order, can operate 100 percent without exception.

    7. Disaster management activities, energy, logistics, transportation and distribution of basic community needs, food and beverages and their supports, fertilizers and petrochemicals, cement and building materials, national vital objects, national strategic projects, construction, and basic utilities, can operate 100 maximum percent of staff, only at production facilities. While administrative support for operational support offices, 25 percent of the staff will be applied.

    8. Supermarkets, traditional markets, grocery stores selling daily necessities are limited to operations until 20.00 WIB with a capacity of 50 percent of visitors. While drug stores and pharmacies are open 24 hours.

    9. Places to eat such as restaurants and restaurants only serve to take home (dine-in). Street vendors (PKL) are allowed to operate until 22.00 WIB, but only for dine-in.

    10. Places of worship do not hold activities during the implementation of PPKM level 4.

    11. Public facilities and entertainment activities, arts, culture, sports facilities are temporarily closed.

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