Brooklyn Nets Ticket Guide – Find the Best Deal

If you are interested in attending a Brooklyn Nets basketball game at the Barclays Center, there are a few different options for purchasing tickets.  Fans can purchase directly from the Nets through the box-office or online via Ticketmaster.  The other option is to purchase a ticket via the secondary ticket market.  There are numerous options for purchasing tickets via the secondary ticket market (also known as the resale market). 

Below we will outline the different options.

Barclays Center Box Office

Fans can purchase tickets directly at the box-office. More information can be found here:

Box-office tickets are typically sold for face-value. The major advantage of the box-office is that fans can avoid fees that are typically charged by major sellers online (Ticketmaster, StubHub, etc…). The disadvantage is the buyer must purchase the tickets in person during box-office hours.


Fans can purchase tickets online for Nets games at Ticketmaster.  See below:

The advantage of purchasing from Ticketmaster is buyer has the option to purchase tickets at face-value depending on availability.  Also, Ticketmaster may offer verified resale tickets, which are guaranteed to be authentic.  A disadvantage of Ticketmaster is that fees are typically added on to the purchase at checkout, sometimes up to 20%.

Brooklyn Nets Website

The Nets have various offers and promotions on their website.  Typically, the Nets offer multiple game packages.  The multiple game packages are a great way to see several Nets games at a discounted price.  Also, fans can inquiry about season tickets and group rates directly with the Nets.  More information can be found here:

Some fans have mentioned that working directly with a Nets ticket representative they have received offers not always promoted on the website.   Also, the Nets website provides a direct link to Ticketmaster for single game tickets.


The largest seller of tickets on the secondary marketplace is StubHub.  They often have the greatest selection of tickets available for resale.  The prices on StubHub are set by the seller, so depending on the game they can be above or below face-value of the ticket. A disadvantage of StubHub is that fees are typically added on to the purchase at checkout, sometimes up to 20%.  More information can be found here:

StubHub provides a FanProtect Guarantee that promises the following:

  • Buyers are guaranteed to receive tickets in time for the event, and they’re guaranteed to be valid.
  • Should any issues occur, StubHub will replace tickets with comparable or better tickets to the same event, or offer a full refund or FanCode for a future purchase.
  • When events are cancelled, full refunds will be issued automatically.

Also, note that prices on StubHub’s marketplace may fluctuate greatly as it gets closer to tip-off.  Often times last-minute deals are possible, but in some situations tickets may increase in price closer to tip-off.


Gametime is another seller of tickets on the secondary marketplace.  Gametime promotes itself as the top destination for last-minute tickets.  They deliver tickets directly to their mobile phone.  We have primarily used their iPhone app with success for last-minute tickets, but they also offer directly on their website.  See the following link for Nets tickets:

Similar to other ticket resellers, Gametime adds fees on to the purchase price at checkout.  Prices can be vary.

TickPick (no fee marketplace)

TickPick is a secondary marketplace, but the main difference of TickPick from other marketplace is there are no fees.  Therefore, the prices that you see when searching the site is the price you pay at checkout.  This helps as most other resellers add fees at checkout.  See the following link for Nets tickets:

TickPick offers a similar guarantee to StubHub.  More information below:


SeatGeek is an event ticket marketplace and aggregator of sports, concert, and theater tickets.  It is very similar to the other secondary marketplaces.  More information available about their guarantees is available here:

Nets fans can purchase tickets via the following link:

Similar to the other websites, fees are added at checkout.


Craigslist is another source for Nets tickets, but is probably the riskiest since there are less protections in place. Often tickets are exchanged face to face with strangers, which can be less safe.  We recommend for any purchases via Craigslist that require a face to face interaction to complete the transaction, that the interaction occur in a public location such as a Starbucks.  A good starting link on Craigslist to search for Nets tickets is via the following link:

The advantages of purchasing tickets on Craigslist is there are no fees and the price might be negotiable.  However, the downsides remain as previous mentioned.


There are various options for purchasing tickets to Nets game.  We recommend if you have the time to compare prices for tickets from the different marketplaces to get the best price and seat. Depending on the marketplace or seller, shipping and/or fees can add to the final cost of the tickets.  We will keep an eye out for any coupon codes or deals in the future to help Nets fans save on tickets.

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