61% off Weezer & Pixies Concert (3/12/2019) at Madison Square Garden via Groupon

Save 61% off Weezer and Pixies concert at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, March 12th via Groupon. Tickets are starting at $25 each.

Benefits of purchasing tickets via Groupon include:

  • No additional fees!
  • Purchase discounted tickets at prices less than the box-office.
  • Tickets are Ticketmaster “Verified Tickets”

How much will I save?
This promo from Groupon is a significant savings compared to Ticketmaster. For example below is a comparison of costs for the cheapest ticket.

Groupon Final Cost:$25
Ticketmaster Final Cost:$64.05

Note: Ticketmaster’s “Final Cost” includes $49.90 for the ticket, plus a service fee of $14.55

Buyers are able to save with tickets purchased from Groupon since the tickets are sold for less than box-office prices and there are no fees that add to the cost of the transaction.

More information available at Groupon.

Update - 2019.02.23We noticed that some ticket options were going in and out of stock. Will continue to monitor to see if there are any permanent changes in ticket availability or price.

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